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Post Construction Clean Up

You've spent countess hours building a project you're proud of. So when it comes to the final presentation, we know that image is everything. That's why Pure Clean offers full service pre- and post construction clean- up.

We perform all stages of construction clean up. Our services cover new and renovated residential and commercial projects. We also work on multi- family communities and REO facilities. And we know every project is different, so our cleaning services are custom- built to your needs and timelines. We're also ready to handle projects on short timelines. That way, your project can stay on schedule.

Construction Cleaning Services:

  • Clean kitchen cabinet and drawer inside and out
  • Clean counter tops and sinks- fixtures polished
  • Clean all appliances
  • Clean and sanitize bathroom, including bath tubs, shower stalls, shower doors, and toilet
  • Clean vanity inside and out
  • Dust all ceiling fans
  • Wash all windows inside and out, including tracts
  • Clean all mirrors and glass
  • Vacuum all carpeting
  • Mop all hard surface floors
  • Sweep and clean deck, patios, and garage floors

When we're done you will have a first class impression.

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